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Your face is your identity, and it plays a tremendous role in social interaction. For ages women searched for means to look attractive and alluring longer. They elongated, arched, darkened the eyebrows. They employed variable methods, but regardless of the technique their goal remained the same-an eye pleasing symmetrical look.The look gave them confidence, self-assurance, and even once believed magical powers. Nowadays, modern technology and latest beauty products make it possible to help retain the perfect look for years. Brows in Grace boutique offers its clients top of the art equipment by Nouveau Contour and variety of pigments including organic options.  

Microblading is currently one of the most popular techniques in permanent makeup. It is performed by using a hand tool to mimic hairs in the eyebrow creating a perfectly symmetric and flawless shape. Microblading can last up to two years depending on skin type, lifestyle, and care. This procedure is the most advantageous for people with sparse thinly distributed eyebrow hairs. And it is ideal for active individuals with little to no time to spend on filling in brows with a pencil. Periodic touch-ups are recommended to maintain the desired look. 

Shading (also known as powder brows) is another favored eyebrow technique in permanent cosmetics done by using a machine. The pigment is placed in the skin just to give a shadow of color under the hair. Based on the client’s wish, shading can be evenly distributed resembling a penciled look. Shading can also be accomplished by enhancing the arch or the tail of the eyebrow giving a very natural OMBRE effect. Additionally, the shading technique is often done in combination with machine hair strokes. This Permanent makeup technique is most beneficial for those looking to improve the shape, to enhance color, or to simply accentuate their eyebrows.  The result will last up to 2 years considering proper care. 

Eyeliner/eyelash line enhancement is a wonderful permanent makeup option for everyone who likes beautiful,  full, naturally emphasized eyes. The lash enhancement gives the impression of thicker lashes but does not go out of the lash line as liner does. The pigment is implanted precisely to the eyelash line creating the natural, precise,  luxuriously full lash base. There are many pigment choices for every skin shade and eye color. The result can last for a couple of years, however, it can be touched up to enhance the freshness of color. 

Lips permanent makeup procedure is an excellent way to enhance the color and shape of your lips, which will be low maintenance and long-lasting (12-18 months). Some find beneficial having just the contour done, some prefer their lips to be fully colored in, some are looking for a blush effect. All of these choices are possible with the permanent lip tattoo. 



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